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: imtxc: I am not able to login to the ubuntu. surh-chang: No, I am not "stuck" with Ubuntu, I'm trying to learn it, so I would like to get every information I can nrdb: I am. I'm using version 12.04 LTS and I did an upgrade this morning. imtxc: It is a fresh install surh-chang: Actually I am quite good in Linux - but sometimes just being a beginner in Ubuntu is a bit difficult for me to get used to mojtaba: fresh install of what? mojtaba: ubuntu? nrdb, right, probably the kernel config imtxc: No, I tried to install the ubuntu on this laptop. It said that it is unable to install it on this hardware. imtxc: Yes, ubuntu imtxc: I tried to install many times, but it was unusable. mojtaba: then what you're trying to do is not at all clear. mojtaba: please use paste.ubuntu.com and share the link it gives you. imtxc: Thank you. surh-chang: Any other ideas how to find more about my laptop? or to know the amount of RAM I am using? imtxc: I will be very glad if you give a try again. vivid, vgchange -ay is not working for me either. mojtaba: this time, please add all the commands you used and it gave you an error to to paste.ubuntu.com and share the link it gives you mojtaba: i will* nrdb, whats the version of the kernel you are running? norbert79, yes, you could start Xorg -configure with sudo

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